Chihuahua pup sparks feud with Playboy bunny

Bonnie the Chihuahua has found herself at the centre of divorce wranglings between Swedish-speaking Playboy Playmate Ida Ljungqvist and her estranged husband Joshua R. Lang, reports MSNBC.

Married in December 2007, the relationship proved to be short-lived, with the pair separating in September 2008.

Lang has accused 27-year-old Ljungqvist, who has a Swedish father and Tanzanian mother, of taking the pint-sized pup without his permission. He has appealed to the Santa Monica Superior Court commissioner in Los Angeles, California, to either order Bonnie’s return or for joint custody to be awarded, allowing him visiting rights on alternate weeks.

Lang stated that he has spent “an enormous amount of attorneys’ fees” on the custody battle over the Chihuahua.

“I love Bonnie and miss her tremendously… She is like my child and I want to have her returned to me, or in the very least I want to exercise custody of her,” said Lang.

Ljungqvist has responded saying that the dog was given to her by her ex-husband as a gift while the couple were going through marital problems and that she has no intention of returning the pet or moving house to enable visits from Lang.

A member of the Playmate’s legal team, Keith A. Fink, describes how, “If the best show award was given for the silliest lawsuit, this matter would be the odds-on favorite to win”.

“Mr. Lang claims to be emotionally devastated not because he no longer is with his charming, beautiful and intelligent wife, but because he misses his Chihuahua Bonnie and wants joint custody,” Fink continued.

Lang has also accused the half-Swedish model of taking a laptop computer, a designer bag and $7,000 (56,260kr) in cash.

Ljungqvist’s legal team have dismissed the claims, including the supposed ownership of Bonnie, as “fiction”.