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Malmö club and concert tips: Saturday, Nov. 22

The Djungeltrumman club editor's tips.

Malmö club and concert tips: Saturday, Nov. 22


Address: Debaser Malmö, Norra Parkgatan 2

7pm – 3am

90 kronor (Free until 10pm)

Age: 20 and over

Nerds and dorks also want to be able to party without risk of having a bucket of pigs’ blood poured over them like in the movie Carrie. This autumn they’ll find a refuge at Debaser, where mingle girl Sanna and musical fascist Madeleine are creating a bullying free zone, with indie, experimental, lo-fi, indietronica and shoegaze emanating from the speakers. Sports jocks and cheerleaders are not welcome here.


Support your locals: Small Flowers Crack Concrete + Esaias Orchestra.


Address: Kulturbolaget, Bergsgatan 18

11.30pm – 4am

80 kronor (20 kronor before 12.30am)

Age: 20 and over


When the concert’s over and you’re stuck in some bar, your friends can’t decide where to go next and you want to go clubbing but can’t decide between house and radio hits, then it’s a dead cert you’ll end up here. KB’s Nightclub is a bit of everything without being too much of anything, a safe bet in a nightclub world where one fad fast replaces the next. You know what you’ll be getting at KB: a musical mixed bag with a vague pop/rock direction and friendly people who, like you, don’t really know how they got here.

Skånes Ljudpark

Address: Inkonst, Bergsgatan 29

10pm – 3am

120 kronor

Age: 18 and over

The secret of this urban club’s success consists of a searing mixture of hip-hop and R’n’B from all corners of the world. The club’s organizers and regular DJs, Timbuktu and Johanna Olofsson, preside over the music with self-assurance and musical curiosity in equal measure, which has made Skånes Ljudpark a real institution on the Malmö club scene. Leave your sharpest heels at home and slip into your comfiest sneakers instead because you can be sure there’ll be dancing to be done.


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