Moderates: ‘Immigrants should sign Swedish contract’

Immigrants to Sweden should sign a contract to testify that they are familiar with Swedish laws, rules and values. If the contract is not met then their benefits should be reviewed, the Moderate party has proposed.

A working committee from within the Moderate has developed the proposal and the party will consider the idea at its future convention, reports Sveriges Radio’s Ekot news program.

“It is important that when people from different cultures congregate in the same country, that we are very clear over how things are done in Sweden,” said Moderate party secretary Per Schlingmann to Ekot.

“The purpose is ensure that we pass on core Swedish values about equality and so on.”

There will be no requirement to sign the contract in order to claim asylum. The exact form of the contract and who shall be obliged to sign it is as yet uncertain, but Schlingmann says that those arriving from other EU countries to work perhaps do not need to sign the papers.

The working committee has also presented proposals to address the problem of counties with a excessively large immigrant populations. New arrivals would have their benefits withheld in order to get people to move to places where work is available.