Video: Winterjam at Stockholm’s Olympic Stadium

Video: Winterjam at Stockholm's Olympic Stadium
For the third year running, Stockholm's Olympic Stadium hosted the LG Winterjam on Saturday. Two main events featured at the Winterjam, the LG Snowboard World Cup Big Air and the Peak Performance King of Style.

In the second Big Air event of the current series in the LG FIS Snowboard World Cup, over 70 riders from 14 nations battled it out in Stockholm.

Sweden had 10 slots in the competition, including the winner of the Ice Air contest in San Francisco, Chris Sörman, and the highest ranking Swede at last year’s Winterjam, Jonathan Nilsson.

However, it was last year’s title holder of the FIS (International Ski Federation) Snowboard World Cup, Finland’s Janne Korpi, who stole away first place on Saturday.

The 22 year-old freestyle sensation, who was signed to O’Neil in 2006, is currently on top of the FIS World Cup leaderboard with 2,036 points.

Sweden’s Chris Sörman took second place. The 23 year-old from Jönköping boasts a backside 180 as his hottest trick to pop out on a kicker and says that he got into snowboarding “to be cool”.

Seppe Smits from Belgium came in third, leaving the current leaderboard scoring for the World Cup with Korpi in first place followed by fellow Finn Peetu Piiroinen with 1,670 points and Austrian Stefan Gimpl third with a score of 1,300 points. Sörman is so far ranking in 12th place with 818 points.

Peak Performance, a Swedish sportswear company founded in Åre in 1986, runs the King of Style free-ski event. The title was won by PK Hunder of Norway and Swede Jon Olsson was awarded the silver.

Sweden showed its prowess in the free-ski field, taking three places in the top 10, more than any other nation.

Check out all the airs from this year Winterjam: