Swedish neo-Nazi party undergoes makeover

The National Socialist Front (NSF), one of the dominant groups within Sweden’s white-power movement, has disbanded and is re-launching itself as the Folkfronten (’People’s Front’) party.

“On Saturday, November 22nd, the National Socialist Front (NSF) decided to transfer all of its assets to the newly started People’s Front party as we feel this party has the ability to rebuild a Swedish Sweden. This also means a closing of the books for the National Socialist Front,” the group writes on its website.

According to the magazine Expo, the group has done away with all references to Hilter, but continues to fight for an ethnically homogeneous Sweden.

According to the party’s platform, ethnic Swedes own the right to the country because they share the “same genes and same blood” which belonged to people who “for thousands of years have worked the same earth”.

The party’s aim, therefore, is to “return to the Swedes their power and their rights”.

The new party will be led by two long-time activists in NSF’s national organization, Daniel Höglund and Anders Ärleskog.

The NSF was founded in 1994, but has been without a leader since 1999 when Anders Högström, the group’s leader at the time, surprised his colleagues and the country by announcing he was giving up on Nazism.

The violent radical right wing in Sweden has been in a state of flux and infighting between factions hoping to win over the few committed activists, similar to developments which have taken place among fringe groups on the left.

According to Säpo, Sweden’s security police, the competition has forced the NSF to re-launch itself as a parliamentary alternative, leaving other groups to continue taking the struggle to the streets.

While Folkfronten calls itself a party, it has no plans to participate in the democratic process, according to its newly launched website.

“The party does not participate in the ‘debates’ of parliamentary democracy about the fleeting, irrelevant, theoretical, splitting of hairs, but instead will work for the long term interests of ethnic Swedes,” writes the party.