Swede among Mumbai hostages

Swede among Mumbai hostages
A Swedish woman is among those being held hostage in one of two luxury hotels under siege in Mumbai following a slew of terror attacks across the Indian city on Wednesday which claimed at least 100 lives.

“She is doing well under the circumstances,” said Swedish foreign ministry spokesperson Miriam Mannbro to the Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper.

“We are in continuous contact with her. She’s in her room at one of the hotels which is partially surrounded by terrorists.”

The Taj Mahal Palace and Oberoi Trident hotels were among several sites in the city’s main tourist and business district attacked on Wednesday.

According to the BBC, armed men are thought to be holding about 40 hostages.

The foreign ministry wouldn’t divulge in which hotel the Swedish woman was staying.

Sweden’s embassy in New Dehli and honourary consulate in Mumbai have had contact with about 15 additional Swedish tourists in the city at the time of the attacks.

“We still have no information about missing or injured Swedes. There are three families who we haven’t located yet, but they live in Mumbai, which at least minimizes the probability that they would have been in one of the targeted areas,” said Mannbro.

Sweden’s foreign minister Carl Bildt issued a statement early on Thursday morning denouncing the attacks.

“There is every reason to, in the strongest terms, condemn the widespread terrorist attacks in Mumbai in India,” said Bildt.

“We feel empathy with all of those affected and give our strongest support to the Indian government in their important fight against this sort of terrorism.”