Woman finds acupuncture needles in lingonberry jam

Woman finds acupuncture needles in lingonberry jam
A woman working at a treatment centre in southern Sweden made a grisly discovery this autumn when she sat down to eat her evening meal.

On feeling something sharp in her mouth, the woman stopped eating her lingonberry jam and proceeded to remove a needle from her mouth, SVT reports.

The woman found around ten more used acupuncture needles on her plate after a further inspection of the jam served with the evening meal at the Henjahemmet treatment centre in Gislaved.

More needles were later found in the jam jar.

Staff at the centre filed an official complaint with the Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket) on Wednesday.

“We received a report yesterday but we are not following up on it. This is something for the police to investigate,” regional spokesman Arne Ågren told The Local.