Swedish docs: thumbs up for tinned skin

Doctors are predicting that spray-on skin cells will be used as a common form of sore treatment in the Swedish healthcare system within the coming years.

Swedish docs: thumbs up for tinned skin

Professor Gunnar Kratz from Linköping, who is participating in an ongoing leg wound symposium in Gothenburg, said he was keen for Sweden to introduce the method.

“We have come so far now that we can actually dare to believe in this.”

The treatment of leg wounds has made major advances over the last decades, with the reintroduction of maggot therapy a contributory factor. Most severe wounds do now heal, even against heavy odds.

“But there are always some that don’t,” said Kratz.

Some wounds are simply too big for modern dressings and treatments to be fully effective. Often the only solution is to perform a transplant using the patient’s own skin, which can lead to complications.

As an alternative, medical experts are currently developing skin cells that can be sprayed over the surface of a sore. And a number of studies have shown promising results.

“I believe this form of treatment will be available in the non-institutional healthcare system within the next couple of years”, said Kratz.