Blow-up doll behind Halmstad bomb scare

High jinks at a stag night led to an area of central Halmstad being cordoned off on Saturday night as police responded to a bomb scare. The stag's false nose and a blow-up doll were found at the scene.

A suspected bomb outside a store in central Halmstad in western Sweden caused confusion as a large area was cordoned off by police.

A nearby restaurant was also evacuated as police technicians investigated the source of the scare.

Police found that stag night high jinks lay behind the scare as they discovered a blow-up doll which the stag had left bound and gagged at the scene. The police bomb squad also recovered the stag’s false nose.

Police believe that the offending articles had been jettisoned by the stag party as they left a nearby bar.

The cordon was removed by police after an hour once they were satisfied that the blow-up doll posed no further threat to the peace and tranquillity of the Swedish coastal town.