Poll: Moderates gain as Left Party support drops

The Moderates are advancing, while the Left Party has dropped in popularity as a new poll shows that the gap between Sweden’s centre-right Alliance parties and the opposition has dwindled to only 3.1 percent.

According to a survey carried out by the Skop polling firm, the Alliance now has support from 46.9 percent of voters, up 3.7 percent from the 43.2 percent the parties garnered in a previous Skop poll.

Opposition political party support still stands at over 50 percent, however.

Support for the Moderate Party jumped up 2.5 percent, reaching levels close to those the party had at the time of the 2006 parliamentary elections.

On the side of the opposition, the Left Party saw its support drop by a statistically significant 2.3 percent.

The percentage of voter support given each parliamentary party in the latest Skop poll (with the change from the previous poll in brackets) is as follows:

The Moderates 26.1 (+2.5), the Liberal (Folk) party 7.6 (+0.3), the Centre party 7.3 (+0.5), the Christian Democrats 5.9 (+0.4), Social Democrats 37.4 (+0.6), Left party 5.4 (-2.3) and the Green party 7.2 (+1.0).

Around 1,000 people were asked between October 27th and November 26th which national political party they liked best.