UK citizen wanted in record pot bust

UK citizen wanted in record pot bust
Swedish authorities plan to issue an arrest warrant for a 33-year-old British citizen wanted in connection with one of the largest marijuana busts in the country’s history.

Two other men are already being held in Växjö in south central Sweden were charged on Tuesday with serious drug offences after police confiscated 72 kilogrammes of cannabis in raids carried out in the towns of Agunnaryd and Örsjö.

“We have had contacts during the investigation with Norway, Denmark, and Great Britain. Several other police authorities in Sweden have also been involved with the investigation, said Kronoberg county police spokesperson Robert Loeffel to the TT news agency.

Those charged so far include a 32-year-old resident of Värnamo, as well as a 42-year-old man who was in Sweden illegally.

The whereabouts of 33-year-old Brit charged in connection with the crime remain unknown and authorities plan to issue an arrest warrant soon in order to enlist the help of law enforcement in other countries.

All of the suspects involved in the case are of Vietnamese origin.

It was a tip from the public which led police to an old country store in the town of Agunnaryd where they found 57 kilogrammes of marijuana plants.

According to police estimates, the plants could have yielded an additional 31 kilos of the drug had they grown to maturity,

In the town of Örsjö, police found 15 kilos of smaller cannabis plants which would have yielded an additional 63 kilos of marijuana upon reaching maturity.

Both facilities in which the cultivation was taking place had been modified in way similar to those seen in other marijuana growing operations uncovered in Skåne in southern Sweden earlier this year.

But so far the only connection between the recent busts in the Småland region and those previously discovered in Skåne has been that all of those involved are of Vietnamese origin.

Both police and prosecutors suspect they have yet to reach the mastermind behind the cannabis farms.

“None of the people we have sitting here is the boss, that’s the sense we get from the investigation. But it’s not clear that they are that closely connected to one another either when they talk about their roles [in the operation],” said deputy prosecutor Yvonne Rudinsson.

The trial against the two men currently being held is expected to begin on December 9th in the Växjö district court, and last two days.