Warning for icy roads across Sweden

Warning for icy roads across Sweden
Weather forecasters in Sweden are warning drivers for slippery roads throughout the country on Thursday, with snow to blame in the north and ice in the south.

According to the Swedish Roads Administration (Vägverket) and the main meteorological agency, SMHI, the slick roads which started plaguing many parts of the country on Wednesday evening are expected to continue throughout the day on Thursday.

Officials forecast localized instances of ice-covered roads in Sweden’s southern regions, as well as along the coast in the north, while snow will be to blame for slick roads in the remainder of the country’s northern regions.

Icy roadways were already causing problems on Wednesday evening.

Roads along the coast in Västerbotten in northern Sweden were covered in ice in some areas, with several accidents occurring during the afternoon and evening.

In Gästrikland, located along the east coast in central Sweden, the roads were so slippery that an ambulance drove off the road on its way to the scene of another accident caused by the icy roads.

As temperatures dropped throughout the evening, the county of Örebro in central Sweden was the scene of a number of accidents.

Professional drivers reported they could barely steer their vehicles anywhere in the region, despite driving slowly.

Within a three hour span, police in Örebro received reports of ten accidents related to slick roadways, seven of which were single vehicle crashes.

“I have no information about how serious the injuries might be in the cases where an ambulance was called,” said Örebro police spokesperson Torbjörn Roos to the TT news agency late Wednesday night.

Two other accidents due to slippery road conditions occurred in Uppsala county in east central Sweden, both in the western part of the county.

Crews from Skäne in the south to Norrbotten in the north worked throughout the night to make the icy roads safer for motorists.