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Gothenburg club and concert tips: Saturday, Dec 6

The Djungeltrumman club editor's tips.

Gothenburg club and concert tips: Saturday, Dec 6


Address: Bliss, Magasinsgatan 3

6pm – 2am

Age: 20 and over


Bliss loves house music and if you feel the same way, a visit here should be as self-evident as a hangover on Sunday morning. The sofas and tables have been reinforced for you to dance on while waving your arms in the air with your tie around your forehead. A guaranteed party.

Klubb Populär

Address: Storan, Kungsparken 1

10pm – 3am

80 kronor

Age: 18 and over


Anders Christensson is the man behind the Killing Music record label and the instigator of tonight’s club at Storan. The club is known for always putting on good music and a party for the people. Christensson always makes sure there are very interesting acts on stage.


On stage: Pär Hagström & Cirkus Transmopol.


Address: Orgia, Storgatan 47

10pm – 5am

Free entry

Age: 23 and over

In Gothenburg there is a widespread notion that the people who party on Avenyn and those of us who don’t somehow have a hard time getting along. There are even those who would content that there exists an unspoken beef between the two camps. But little Orgia is the place that confounds all preconceived notions and makes us realize that the unifying element on the nightclub scene – alcohol – even transcends the invisible border that marks the start of Avenyn.


Address: Rösa Sten, Röda Sten

10pm – 4am

80 kronor (free before 11pm)

Age: 20 and over


Röda Sten is the venue for house club Paradisco. Between the pillars and the dance-friendly concrete floor, people dance like crazy once a month, usually the first Saturday of the month. The club promises oodles of sound, light and Paradisco love. Deep, techy and incredibly dancy. Free before eleven so get there on time!


Paradisco celebrates the 60th anniversary of the UN’s universal declaration of human rights with the Small Places Tour.

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