Spring fashion: Frills, thrills and jumpsuits

Spring fashion: Frills, thrills and jumpsuits
The weather might be bleak outside, but that's no excuse not to start planning your spring wardrobe as Jennifer Heape rounds up the hot trends for the new year.

If the spring/summer 09 collections showcased at this year’s Stockholm Fashion Week are anything to go by, then satins and silks are definitely going to be a dominant trend moving into next year.

The look stretched across the board from demure nudes at Ásta Créative to more extravagant, full volume blouses and metallic swimwear at Bea Szenfeld.

In eveningwear, gold and silver figured, including a full sequined dress from Lars Wallin and a stunning floor length gown from Christina Lovery.

Bows, corsages and ruffles were catwalk favourites, and a perfect and cheap way to update any credit crunching wardrobe for spring.

Some of the best examples were the beautiful headwear corsages at Bea Szenfeld, over-the-shoulder evening gown embellishments at Lars Wallin and Yde, and oversized bow jumpers at O Ella for the boys.

Block colour dominated for both men and women, especially at Blank, O Ella and Farzan Esfahani Mogaddam. The latter managing to bag another hot trend, dots, at the same time in a pretty selection of day dresses and waistcoats.

Usually the domain of the distinctly slender or the fashionably courageous, jumpsuits are still going strong from last summer and were seen back on the catwalk for the S/S ’09 collections.

For those with the figure to pull it off, skintight one-pieces were spotted at Blank and Lick My Label, or alternatively Seika Lee and Diana Orving offered some more wearable versions. The show at Diana Orving also included a lovely black satin jumpsuit perfect for evenings.

If the thought of donning what could be construed as an all-in-one adult babygrow is unappealing, then turn to Matila Wendelboe for a more forgiving way to nod at the jumpsuit trend. With a selection of loose and pretty outfits fitted either just above or below the knee, many of her takes on the traditional jumpsuit are also in satins, nailing two looks at once.

A hot colour for spring is green, particularly mints and jades, which were notable in both mens and womens collections. O Ella offered up complete outfits in various hues of green, as well as shirts and jumpsuits from Blank.

Tomato and orange red was a distinct tone in menswear, most notably at Uniforms for the Dedicated and Soulland.

So, in summary, dust off that yoga mat because if there are any unsightly bulges, a jumpsuit is bound to root them out. To update your wardrobe for short change, grab a selection of corsages and bows (H&M always come up trumps for cheap accessories).

Finally, let all your magpie instincts run loose and buy a gold or silver cocktail dress; invest for a festive New Year outfit and you can be confident it’ll see you through to next autumn.

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