Left party makes comeback in the polls

The Left party is now Sweden's third largest party, after the Social Democrats and the Moderates. A new poll from Demoskop, published in Expressen, gives the Left party 7.7 percent of the vote.

Left party makes comeback in the polls

The climb represents a two percent increase for Lars Ohly’s party on the previous Demoskop poll, the only statistically significant change in the survey.

The gap between the right and left blocs in Swedish politics is shown to have grown again, from 5.3 percentage points to 10.6 points in the latest poll.

Mona Sahlin’s Social Democrats polled 39.7 percent (+0.6), Fredrik Reinfeldt’s Moderate party 29.1 (+0.1), the Left party 7.7 (+2.0), Liberal (Folk) party 6.8 (+0.4), Green party 6.3 (+0.6), Centre party 4.0 (-1.4), Christian Democrats 3.2 (-1.2).

The far-right Sweden Democrats fell 1.1 points to 2.3 percent.

The Demoskop poll is based on interviews with 1,011 telephone interviews from November 26th to December 3rd.