‘Women best at assembling Ikea furniture’

'Women best at assembling Ikea furniture'
Woman are more skilled than men at assembling Ikea's flatpack furniture, according to the head of the Swedish company's German unit.

“Men never look at the directions and have the most problems with construction because they always think they can do that,” Petra Hesser, 50, told news agency DPA on Monday. “That is empirically proven.”

In contrast, women study the Swedish home furnishing giant’s often confusing directions before they get started, she said. “The woman first sorts the parts in an orderly way. Men throw them in a pile and then something goes missing,” she said.

Women make up 70 percent of the chain’s customer base, Hesser said, but added that their men often accompany them to approve bigger purchases. However, “if the woman is against buying something, then nothing gets done,” she said.