Student’s mobile phone explodes during class

A mobile telephone exploded in the hand of a Swedish student in the middle of class on Monday, spreading thick smoke throughout the classroom.

Student’s mobile phone explodes during class

Fifteen-year-old Mats Chamontree was fiddling with his mobile phone’s battery compartment during lessons at the Sjöpark school in Gällivare in northern Sweden when he heard a cracking hiss emanating from the phone, reports the Norrländska Socialdemokraten newspaper.

Seconds later, the battery exploded, although Chamontree managed to throw the telephone away before it blew up.

The flaming phone left burn marks on the classroom floor, and the smoke was so thick and pungent that the room was evacuated and couldn’t be used again for the rest of the day.

Chamontree isn’t sure what happened, but is convinced he didn’t do anything wrong.

“The telephone is only a year and a half old and the battery was original,” he said.

Manufacturer Sony Ericsson now plans to examine the telephone in an attempt to determine exactly what happened.

“In approximately half of the cases, it’s some type of external damage which causes things like this; in the other half it’s the use of unauthorized products such as chargers or batteries,” said Sony Ericsson spokesperson Gustaf Brusewitz.