Magazine names Sweden’s ten worst landlords

Six out of Sweden’s ten worst landlords, as listed in Hem & Hyra magazine’s annual ranking, come from the same highly criticized company.

“It isn’t fun to live like this,” one tenant told the magazine.

Last year, Hem & Hyra (‘Home & rent’) listed Norwegian-owned Heimstaden in Skåne in southern Sweden as the worst rental property management company.

In 2008, the dubious honour goes to yet another firm with Norwegian ties, B & C Motetten, which is owned by Norway-based Acta.

Furthermore, Acta companies hold six of the ten places on Hem & Hyra’s list of the worst rental management firms in Sweden.

Acta was on the receiving end of massive criticism earlier in the autumn when apartments it manages in Rosengård in Malmö were revealed to be plagued by mold and cockroaches.

But the worst single company – when ranked by the number of complaints from October of last year through October 2008 – is Acta’s Motetten.

“With 133 complaints per thousand apartments, the company is all alone at the top of the complaints list,” writes Hem & Hyra.

The person responsible for Acta’s property business, Martin Bruck, tells the magazine that Acta takes complaints seriously and that the company plans to review its holdings in certain areas.

In Malmö, Acta’s buildings are managed by Newsec.

But Newsec deflects any criticism, saying in an email to Hem & Hyra that the company is working toward “a better and more secure dwelling”.

The study is based on the number of complaints from members of the Swedish Union of Tenants (Hyresgästföreningen) against the ten largest municipal and ten largest private property management companies in the association’s ten regions.

Hem & Hyra’s list of Sweden’s ten worst landlords

1. B & C Motetten AB (Acta)

2. Centerplan i Åstorp AB

3. Fastighets AB Ostbrickan (Acta)

4. Gröningen, Bostads AB (Acta)

5. Allokton

6. Brogripen Fastighets AB

7. Markarydsbostäder I Malmö AB (Acta)

8. Masmästaren Dalarna HB

9. SPA Skäggetorp AB (Acta)

10. Ejendomsselskabet (Acta)

Source: Hem & Hyra

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