More voter support for Alliance parties in recent poll

More voter support for Alliance parties in recent poll
The distance between Sweden’s two main political blocs is shrinking, according to a new poll.

If the election had been held in November, the centre-right Alliance parties would have received 41.2 percent of the votes, while the centre-left opposition would have received 54.1 percent, reports Statistics Sweden (SCB).

The agency’s poll of political party support shows that the Alliance increased its level of support by 1.1percent compared with SCB’s previous survey in May.

According to SCB, the change is statistically significant.

The overall results of the poll are as follows, with the change in support from the previous survey in parentheses:

Social Democrats: 42.3 percent (-2.4); Moderates: 24.8 (+2.3); Liberal Party (Folkpartiet): 6.0 (-0.9); Centre Party: 5.9 (-0.3); Green Party: 6.1 (+0.2); Christian Democrats: 4.5 (-0.1); Left Party: 5.7 (+0.6); other parties: 4.7 (+0.5).

The study is based on responses from 9,000 who were surveyed by Statistics Sweden during the month of November.