Poll: Gap halves between political blocs

The gap between the opposition and the Alliance government has almost halved in a year, from 14 to 7.2 percentage points, according to a new poll by Sifo.

The opposition had the support of 51 percent of the electorate in December while the government had 43.8 percent.

Since November the gap between the blocs has narrowed by 1.4 points. Mona Sahlin’s Social Democrats have declined by 2.5 points to 37.1 percent and Fredrik Reinfeldt’s Moderates have increased by 1.3 points to 27.2 percent. Both changes are within the statistical margin of error but follow a trend beginning in the autumn.

Support for the parties was divided as follows with the change in percentage points on November in brackets: Social Democrats 37.1 (-2.5), Moderates 27.2 (+1.3), Green party 7.4 (-0.1), Liberal (Folk) party 7.1 (+0.3), Left party 6.5 (+1.8), Centre party 5.5 (-0.8) and the Christian Democrats 4.5 (+0.3).

The far-right Sweden Democrats polled 4.5 percent (+0.3) and other parties collected 0.8.

The only change of statistical significance was the Left party’s rebound in the polls.

Sifo asked 1,896 voters between December 1st-11th which party they would vote for if an election were held today.