Quick retracts serial murder confessions

Quick retracts serial murder confessions
Thomas Quick, a convicted serial killer whose guilt has long been questioned by legal experts, has retracted the confessions for all eight murders of which he was convicted, as well as for fourteen murders of which he was cleared.

Late on Sunday evening, Quick’s legal representative called for all his client’s cases to be retried.

Quick, 58, spoke of his change of mind in a documentary broadcast on Sunday by Sveriges Television (SVT).

“I didn’t commit any of the murders I was convicted for, and I didn’t commit any of the other murders I confessed to either,” said Quick.

According to the findings broadcast on SVT’s Dokument Inifrån, a combination of powerful medicines and a desire for attention led to Quick admitting to a series of murders.

During the police investigations that led to the convictions, Quick had been taking strong prescription drugs to combat his anxiety, which he now claims contributed to a mental state in which he was prone to using his imagination.

“I shed all inhibitions,” he said.

No witnesses ever saw Quick near any of the murder scenes and there was no forensic evidence tying him to any of the murders.

In SVT’s documentary, the methods used by the police were called into serious questions, with Quick allegedly receiving instructions from the head of the interrogation as to what he would need to say for prosecutors to press charges.

Chief prosecutor Christer ven der Kwast also came under scrutiny in the documentary and was accused of railing against police officers who presented any evidence that could have pushed the investigation in a different direction.

Quick was found guilty of eight murders in the years 1978-1988. He has confessed to total of twenty murders. But the convictions against him have long been questioned by legal experts and the families of the victims.

Speaking with Sveriges Radio on Monday Morning, Anna-Clara Asplund – the mother of Johan Asplund, who Quick was convicted of murdering – said she was relieved that he had retracted his confession.

“Neither Björn [Johan’s father] nor I ever believed that Thomas Quick had anything to do with Johan’s disappearance,” she said.