Police issue new fraud warning for Toys R US

Police in Sweden have issued a second warning to shoppers to cancel their credit cards after suspected skimming equipment was uncovered at a Stockholm-area Toys R Us store.

Police issue new fraud warning for Toys R US

The warning comes just days after police alerted consumers about an intricate fraud operation at a Toys R Us store in Malmö.

Police have confiscated a piece of equipment at the Toys R Us at the Kungens Kurva shopping centre south of Stockholm which they say is identical to the one they found at the Malmö store, reports the Metro newspaper.

Police still don’t know how long the equipment may have been found at the store, but are advising customers who have made credit card purchases at the store to cancel their cards until further notice.

The machine is now being examined by police technicians.

It appears identical to a machine taken from the Malmö-area Toys R Us, which was outfitted with a wireless transmitter which allowed the fraudsters to remain up to 30 metres away from the terminal while they collected credit card numbers and PIN codes.