One third of jobless lack insurance

Almost one third of people out of work in Sweden lack unemployment insurance and rely on dole payouts of a maximum 5,500 kronor ($715) per month after tax, according to new figures from the public employment agency (Arbetsförmedlingen).

The agency reports that the proportion of uninsured job seekers has leapt from 15 to 32 percent since 2006, with around 53,000 unemployed people currently lacking insurance, according to news agency TT.

Almost half a million people fled the funds after government reforms led to premiums being raised by 150 – 300 kronor per month in 2007, a move financed in part by income tax cuts. The government has announced plans to reduce the monthly cost by 50 kronor this summer.

Anyone who is unemployed and has paid into an insurance is entitled to a maximum of approximately 10,700 kronor after tax.