Erectile aid found to enhance spruce tree roots

Swedish researchers have found that a common erectile dysfunction aid also has an enhancing effect on the common spruce tree.

Erectile aid found to enhance spruce tree roots

For a recent project, researchers in Umeå in northern Sweden from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) concocted a potent fertilizer featuring arginine, a common amino acid known for its power to improve sperm production and blood circulation in the sex organs, the Västerbotten-Kurrien newspaper reports.

The project was headed by forestry professor Torgny Näsholm, who created a fertilizer with strong concentrations of arginine.

He then added the mixture to the soil around several young spruce trees and measured the effects.

Näsholm discovered that trees which grew in soil laden with the performance enhancing fertilizer developed stronger root systems than other spruce trees.

In addition to boosting tree roots’ “virility”, arginine fertilizer also has environmental benefits.

Because it allows trees to draw nitrogen from the surrounding soil more effectively, arginine means less nitrogen-based fertilizer is needed, which in turn can reduce the release of nitrogen into nearby soil and water.