Green party leaders to resign after election

The leaders of the Swedish Green party have confirmed that they intend to step down only a year after the next general election, in 2011.

Green party leaders to resign after election

Peter Eriksson has confirmed that he and colleague Maria Wetterstrand do not intend to seek changes to party rules which could see them step down as party spokespersons soon after forming a coalition government with the Social Democrats and Left Party, Svenska Dagbladet reports.

Green party rules stipulate that no officials can hold posts with the party for longer than nine years and no exception is to be made for Eriksson and Wetterstrand.

“I can say that we have strong successors that can take over,” said Peter Eriksson to the newspaper.

Eriksson and Wetterstrand are seeking ministerial posts in the next government after a general election to be held in 2010. Eriksson stated that their positions as party spokespersons does not affect any eventual role within the government which would most likely be dominated by Mona Sahlin’s Social Democrats.

Eriksson and Green party press spokesperson Agneta Börjesson confirmed to the newspaper that the party has not discussed the situation, or any prospective new leaders, at any length.

Börjesson defended the party rules which would bring to a close the terms of the popular duo who replaced Lotta Hedström and Matz Hammarström in 2002.

“It is a very sound idea we have that one should not occupy a position for ever.”

The party has plenty of time to consider applications from candidates to replace Eriksson and Wetterstrand, as they will not be elected until the party congress in May 2011.