Man murdered at Swedish refugee centre

A man was found murdered early on Christmas Eve at an apartment in a refugee centre in Sundsvall in northern Sweden. Another man sustained stab wounds in the attack.

“We have received a series of indications that the injured man was perhaps more involved than we originally thought. But there is also a lot of evidence to suggest that it was a question of self-defence,” said Christer Johansson at Västernorrland police.

The injured man managed to get out of the apartment and sound the alarm with a neighbour. The neighbour called the police, but had not been a witness to the knife attack.

The man is now being cared for at Sundsvall hospital for stab and slash wounds to his head and chest and has not been available for a full interview.

“We were able to ask a couple of questions when the doctor was present, but he was in too bad a condition, so we will pick up again tomorrow.”

Both men are between 25 and 30-years-old. Like the neighbour that sounded the alarm the men are from different countries and do not speak Swedish, which complicates police investigations. All interrogations must be conducted with the help of an interpreter.

The apartment is on the second floor of a house in the Fagerdal area and is leased by the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) as a refugee centre.

Police were kept busy on Christmas Eve knocking on doors in the vicinity to try to discern further details about the dead man and his acquaintances.

A murder weapon had not been found by the afternoon.