Icy road warning on Christmas Day

Weather forecasters in Sweden are warning drivers of icy and treacherous conditions on Christmas morning.

Icy road warning on Christmas Day

According to the Swedish meteorological agency, SMHI, there is a risk for ice and frost across most of the country.

Over the course of Christmas Day a high pressure front will push in across the country which will ensure a dry day with little chance of snow or rain in most areas. Highland areas of Jämtland and Lappland will be the exception with snowfalls forecast, according to SMHI.

In southern, central and western areas of Sweden there is risk for localized icy conditions in the early hours of Christmas morning.

“When there is a lot of damp air and sub-zero temperatures on road surfaces there is a risk for ice,” said Stefan Flodin at SMHI to news agency TT.

SMHI forecast icy conditions along the whole of the west coast during Christmas Day evening.

There were reports of icy conditions in many areas on Christmas Eve and a series of traffic accidents were reported during the course of the day. There were however no reports of any any injuries.