King dwells on positives in Christmas speech

King dwells on positives in Christmas speech
Sweden's King Carl XVI Gustaf urged listeners to dwell on the positive in a world plagued by climate problems and recession, in his traditional radio speech on Christmas Day.

“Even the financial crisis can promote something positive,” the king said in his afternoon speech on Christmas Day.

“The world’s leaders have, with strength and decisiveness, acted together. There are no obvious solutions, but it is hopeful nonetheless to see such cooperation and dialogue between different states.”

This cooperation is also something that can be harnessed in the fight against climate change. The king pointed out “that negotiations are ongoing among the world’s leaders to find coordinated measures to counter global warming.”

“It will be an important task for Sweden’s government next year, to lead this work within the EU.”

In his speech the king also focused on the many young people who have been involved in issues affecting them and the wider community. He related that he had met a large number of young people over the course of the year who had started companies or developed the organisations that they were involved with.

“All these people are role models deserving of attention.”

It is the responsibility of adult society to support these young leaders, the king said.

Carl XVI Gustaf made special mention of those working with integration issues.

“To create understanding and mutual respect between people with different cultural backgrounds is difficult but important. We all gain from that.”