Casino gunman remains on the loose

Casino gunman remains on the loose
The police chase for the gunman who injured three people at the Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm on Christmas Eve has so far returned little result. On Friday morning the man remained on the loose.

Police have so far not recovered the gunman’s weapon, thought to be a pistol.

The attack has left casino clients around Sweden on their guard.

At the Casino Cosmopol in Malmö police were called by an attentive guest when a man used threatening behaviour while allegedly carrying a pistol outside the casino. Police were able to apprehend the man, who was drunk, but no weapon was found.

Meanwhile police technicians working at the Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm have made several discoveries at the entrance to the casino, the scene of the shooting which left two female guests nursing gunshot wounds in their arm and leg respectively, and a guard with a bullet wound in his stomach.

Police have also been busy interviewing witnesses and have collected film from surveillance cameras for analysis. Images recorded by cameras on Stockholm’s public transport network will also be called in.

Police initially believed that the man fled the scene in a taxi but the theory remains unconfirmed.

Just before midnight on Christmas Eve a man suddenly produced a weapon and released at least three shots directly into the foyer of the casino. He had previously been denied entry into the casino and is described as having blond hair and 20-25-years-old.

Three people, two female guests and one male security guard were hit by the bullets. The women, 47 and 28-years-old, were hit in the arm and leg respectively. They were treated at St. Göran’s Hospital for minor injuries.

The 36-year-old security guard was hit in the stomach. He was rushed to Karolinska University Hospital in Solna and police confirmed on Friday that his injuries were also minor.

As a result of the shooting the casino remained closed on Christmas Day.