Dogs save Swedish man from hostile elk

A 75-year-old Swedish man escaped with minor injuries after a pack of dogs chased off an aggressive elk from an orchard in the center of Gällivare in northern Sweden on Saturday evening.

The four-legged beast suddenly attacked the man as he attempted to drive the animal out of his yard.

“He was in an orchard when the elk attacked. He ended up with a wound on his head and was taken to hospital,” said Norrbotten police spokesperson Rolf Hamstig to the Aftonbladet newspaper.

He then received treatment for his injuries and was able to return home shortly thereafter.

The man’s injuries may have been worse had a pack of Norwegian Elkhounds not escaped from their nearby pen and chased the angry elk into the nearby forest.

Authorities remain baffled as to what caused the elk to attack the 75-year-old.

“It’s unusual for elks to be this violent,” said police spokesperson Olle Kvarneros to the TT news agency.

The animal’s whereabouts remain unknown, as it was last seen headed out into the woods near the orchard.

On Sunday, police will decide whether or not to hunt down the elk.

“Tomorrow we’ll look at whether there is reason to kill it. In that case, it will be a matter for a hunting team,” Hamstig told Aftonbladet.