Swedes break New Year text greeting record

The traditional Christmas card has been declared dead and buried as the text message is confirmed as the holiday season greeting's medium of choice.

Swedish state-owned operator Telia reported that over 24 million text messages were sent via its network during New Year’s Eve. Rival firm Tele2 reported figures approaching 28.4 million.

Last year’s record for Telia customers of 2.6 million text messages by 6am on New Year’s Day was thus consigned to the history books. 2.3 million messages were sent by the firm’s customers in the hour before midnight.

“New Year’s Eve can just as well be renamed to sms-Eve. On no other day in the year are so many text messages sent as during New Year’s Eve celebrations when everyone wants to wish each other Happy New Year,” said Erik Hallberg at Telia Sonera.

With 28.4 million messages sent via its network during the New Year holiday up to 9am on New Year’s Day operator Tele 2 beat last year’s record, of 17 million, by a good margin. 22.7 million messages were sent in the evening up to midnight.

Thomas Ekman at Tele 2 had this to say over the development:

“The trend is clear and the mobilephone has taken over Christmas and New Year greetings from the traditional Christmas card.”