Missing man returns home in Dalarna

The 21-year-old man reported missing in Gagnef in Dalarna in central Sweden on New Year's Eve has returned home. A large party has been searching for him since New Year's Day. He returned home at around 5pm.

Up to 80 people took part in the search for the man, who went missing on his way to a New Year’s Eve party in the town.

Police, volunteers and the National Home Guard took part in the day long search for the man. Police deployed a helicopter with thermocamera to try to track the man.

The police said on Friday that they suspect that he disappeared of his own free will. Earlier in the day police spokesperson Sven-Åke Petters had this to say to news agency TT:

“We have reason to believe that the the person is staying away of his own free will. Witnesses report that he had been seen in the nearby town of Leksand.”

The 21-year-old was on his way to a party in a cabin in the town of Gagnef on Wednesday but he never arrived. He was reported missing by his family the following afternoon.