Swedes survive sinking ferry in Bali

Five Swedes were among the foreign tourists which survived a sinking ferry in the sea outside of Bali in Indonesia.

The Swedes were among 35 foreign tourists on the Lian Senggigi ferry when it sprang a leak and sank outside of Klungkung in Bali, according to Expressen which cites MSN Indonesia.

High waves battered the vessel and it began to take in water. The ferry was soon in trouble and the crew ordered passengers to put on life jackets and jump into the water.

Many of the ferry’s passengers were able to swim to land while others were picked up by fishing boats.

Aside from the group of five Swedes there were tourists from Australia, Germany and England on the boat.

The Swedish foreign ministry confirmed at midday Saturday that they had been informed about the accident and that five Swedes had been onboard but knew nothing of their current whereabouts.