Sweden emerges from weekend chill

Sweden emerges from weekend chill
Temperatures dropped to below -30 degrees Celsius in parts of northern Sweden at the weekend, as the country experienced its coldest weather of the winter so far.

Thermal underwear was a must in Gielas in the mountains near Vilhelmina on Saturday night, with the temperature plunging to -35.4 degrees. Sunday night was a little milder as meteorological agency SMHI’s thermometer noted -32 degrees in Vilhelmina.

Southern parts of the country also felt a decided nip in the air as temperatures fell to -20 degrees on Sunday night.

Weather experts expected somwhat milder weather on Tuesday with the dial creeping above zero in the south. But sub-zero temperatures are forecast to return to all parts of the country on Wednesday.

A high pressure belt with southwesterly winds is predicted to bring milder weather for the coming weekend.