Boys trapped under ice in souped down Volvo

Two boys from western Sweden escaped without injury after their Volvo "tractor" sank to the bottom of an ice-covered lake near Karlstad.

Marcus, 16, and Pontus, 15, were out driving a so-called EPA tractor, an old Volvo converted into a tractor, when the ice on Smårris Lake suddenly gave way and the vehicle began sinking.

“I thought I was going to die,” Marcus told Aftonbladet.

As the car filled up with water, the boys frantically tried to force their way out. At the last moment, Marcus managed to kick open one of the doors.

The boys scrambled out of the car and started swimming but quickly found they were trapped under the ice.

“It was freezing cold, I had no feeling left at all. But eventually I found the ledge and was able to get up. My first thought was: Where’s Pontus?” said Marcus.

He soon got his answer as his friend clambered up behind him on the ice. With their clothes still soaking wet, the boy immediately began running towards the nearest house, located on a farm more than a kilometre away.

Fortunately, the farm owners had seen the lights of the boys’ vehicle out on the lake and had immediately called emergency services after they heard a strange sound and watched the lights disappear.

The boys just had time for a hot shower before two ambulances arrived to take them to Karlstad Hospital where doctors were able to ascertain that they were injury free despite their ordeal.