Gang leader’s email posted on the internet

Gang leader's email posted on the internet
Hackers on Tuesday night accessed an email account used by the head of the Original Gangsters (OG) criminal gang and later published the correspondence on a popular internet forum.

The email account is used by OG-head Denho “Dano” Acar to administer Original Pharma, an online “pharmacy” operated by Acar which offers a variety of weight loss and body building supplements, as well as clothing bearing the Original Gangster logo.

“I’m not worried about the contents [of the emails] and we’ve decided to look into who hacked our email,” he told Crime News.

The correspondence, numbering over 100 pages, includes information about Original Pharma orders, as well as inquiries about becoming a member of the OG gang.

It was published anonymously and “totally uncensored” on the Flashback Forum website.

In one exchange, a 17-year-old from Norway expresses an interest in joining the gang claiming he takes loyalty seriously.

He is told that OG members normally must be at least 18-years-old and that the first step is becoming a provisional member.

According to a response from Acar, the most important thing is that one “show your loyalty and that you are ready to act for the organization”.

“One always starts as a trial member and then it’s totally up to the person to show that they deserve full membership,” adds the Orignal Gangsters leader.

Acar wasn’t overly concerned about the airing of OG’s correspondence on the internet.

“It didn’t come as a shock that my email was hacked. I’m not especially affected by this but I feel bad for the people who have written to me,” he said.

The police have also taken an interest in Acar’s email exchanges.

“In terms of anything concrete, it’s hard to say anything until we begin to dig into it, but in general police use the internet just like anyone else. We read what everyone else can read,” said police IT-specialist Anders Ahlqvist to the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper.

Acar suspects his online pharmacy was targeted because of his gang’s recent decision to take over the operation of another website which publishes the identity of sex offenders.

When asked what may be in store for those who hacked his email should Acar ever discover their identity, the gang leader offered few specifics.

“Those who choose to play with fire should be ready to get burned,” he said.