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Malmö club and concert tips: Saturday, Dec 10

The Djungeltrumman club editor's tips.

Malmö club and concert tips: Saturday, Dec 10

Café Rasoir

Address: Café le fil du rasoir, Norra Vallgatan 62

9pm – 1am

Free entry until 10pm, 90 kronor later

Age: 20 and over

This French-sounding gem is located right down at the bottom of the Hotel Savoy. The club has attracted work weary Malmö residents for atmospheric tête à têtes over a glass of red wine. Given that it’s a steakhouse, there are oysters, snails and entrecôte on offer. But you can just as easily go there to enjoy a classic cocktail in the award-winning bar section. By night this is a meting place for the city’s representative’s of bohemian chic, discussing important matters in the glow of candlelight.


Oh No play well-mixed party music. Cocktails of the week: Brandy Alexander and Godfather.


Address: Debaser Malmö, Norra Parkgatan 2

3pm – 3am

60 kronor (free entry before 10pm)

Age: 20 and over

Funk, soul. afro and hip-hop against a backdrop of slide show images straight out of a 1970s acid trip. Supersoul’s residents root around in their collective treasure chests and pull out the grooviest tracks from the last half century to get the dancefloor hopping and emotions running high. Heart and pain are never as dancy as they are at Supersoul.


Address: Bebel, Spångatan 38

11pm – 3am

120 kronor

Age: 20 and over

Techno club Versus can often boast the most exclusive bookings in town. World class artists and DJs guarantee a loyal following from among the ranks of Malmö’s hipsters. Versus nights mean lots of dancing, minimalist soundscapes and plenty of people in the know.


Live Paul Kalkbrenner (BPitch Control/D), the German behind the screenplay and music from the movie Berlin Calling. The movie will be projected onto the walls inside the church.


Address: A2, Adelgatan 2

11pm 4am

100 kronor (50 kronor until midnight)

Age: 20 and over


There was quite a fanfare when gay club Wonk Deep moved into the new surroundings of A2. But have no fear: Wonk is still very much Wonk. World-renowned DJs do their stuff on three dancefloors: schlager, pop and house. Sip a Sex on the Beach, join in the Karaoke, try out the strippers pole and make yourself at home. PS: Free entry for drag queens.

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