Students reported for beating school principal

Three students from a school in western Sweden have been reported to police for assaulting their principal.

Hans Åkerlundh, the principal at the Haga School in Dals-Eds municipality, was in the process of disciplining the students when they suddenly began hitting and kicking him, reports Sveriges Radio.

According to Åkerlundh, the students likely felt cornered, which may explain their reaction.

He added that the school planned on developing new procedures so that similar events don’t occur in the future.

“I believe that we can work together. Not only the police and the school, but also with these students and their parents, to look at how their school attendance should be,” said Åkerlundh.

As the students are minors, police don’t plan to pursue a preliminary investigation but will instead send the matter along to social services.

However, Per-Erik Vister of the nearby Åmal police force thinks police involvement could help send youth a message that such behaviour is not acceptable.

“I’d actually really appreciate it if the police got involved in the case because this is so serious,” he told Sveriges Radio.