Family members appeal axe attack verdicts

Members of the family convicted for their roles in a shocking axe attack in a village outside of Haparanda in northern Sweden earlier this year have decided to appeal the judgments.

The family has been involved in a roughly 20-year feud with neighbours in the village. Insults as well as stones have been thrown in the dispute, which has also featured several cases of assault.

In November, members of the family were put on trial for attempting to kill a former neighbour with an axe in the spring of 2008.

The 47-year-old man received life threatening injuries in the attack.

On December 12th, the district court in Haparanda sentenced the two sons in the family to six years in prison for acting as accomplices to attempted murder.

Two daughters in the family were sentenced to eight and six months in prison, respectively, for harbouring a known criminal. The 73-year-old father also received a six month prison sentence for the same offence.

All five have now appealed the court’s ruling according to local media reports.

Another son in the family was found by the court to have been involved in the attack, but he is to undergo psychiatric testing before the court decides whether to sentence him to prison or to a mental health facility.