Swedes headed home following Gaza escape

Twelve Swedes who managed to get out of Gaza are now in the Jordanian capital of Amman and will be headed back to Sweden on Friday evening.

“They are extremely happy to be heading home again,” said Slavica Kosovic, a migration attaché at the Swedish Embassy in Jordan, to the TT news agency.

The Swedes have been booked on several different flights which will take them to Stockholm’s Arlanda airport and Landvetter airport near Gothenburg.

The twelve Swedish nationals were able to leave Gaza on Thursday and arrived via bus in Amman.

The Swedish consulate in Jerusalem continues to work hard to get the roughly twenty remaining Swedes out of Gaza.

They are located in central and southern Gaza, the scene of continued heavy fighting.

“We called all the Swedes about an hour ago to inform them of what was happening. They are worried and afraid. Despite the UN resolution on a ceasefire there is still quite a bit of violence in Gaza,” said Anna Brodin, a political counselor at the Swedish consulate.

The consulate is currently exploring the possibility of bringing the remaining Swedes out through Rafah, along the border with Egypt, and is in tough with the Swedish embassy in Cairo.

“It’s conditional on their being a ceasefire so that a so-called humanitarian corridor can be opened. Otherwise it will be difficult,” said Brodin.