Swedish Church-funded clinic hit in Gaza

One of three Gaza health clinics financed in part by the Church of Sweden was destroyed in an Israeli air attack Saturday evening, but no one was hurt in the attack as the building was evacuated in time.

“The clinic is totally destroyed including its equipment and medical supplies,” Christer Åkesson of the Church of Sweden’s international operations said of Saturday’s attack in a statement.

“Shortly before a missile hit the building where the clinic is located the Israeli air force fired a warning shot so everybody inside could flee,” the Church said.

“Shortly after that the army totally destroyed the building.”

Until Israel’s anti-Hamas offensive which began on December 27 the building housed a maternity clinic which was then changed into an intensive care unit, she added.

Åkesson said there was no reason why the building should have become a target for an Israeli attack but she added: “A Hamas leader had his home in the neighbourhood.”