Volvo plans 1,620 layoffs

Volvo plans 1,620 layoffs
Volvo Group has given notice to 1,620 workers in Sweden, the company announced on Tuesday afternoon.

Volvo Trucks’ Umeå plant is set to be hardest hit, with 670 proposed new job cuts adding to the 500 jobs already slashed at the facility in recent months. The truck maker has also given notice to 350 workers at its Tuve plant.

The firm’s plant in Gent in Belgium is not reported to be affected.

“For us in Umeå this is a major blow. In one year we have gone from 2,250 employees to around 1,000, if this third notice is put into effect,” said metalworkers union Jan-Olov Carlsson.

He considers the distribution of the cuts across the company’s facilities as totally unacceptable and called on the government to act to save current skills and expertise at Volvo Trucks.

Volvo Powertrain has also given notice to 400 workers in Skövde and 200 employees at its Köping plant.