New Saab model may be built in Sweden: report

Saab’s new 9-5 may end up being built in Trollhättan in western Sweden, rather than in Germany as originally planned.

New Saab model may be built in Sweden: report

“The discussions we’ve had with GM and the Swedish government during the auto show in Detroit have been very constructive,” Saab spokesperson Eric Geers told the Ny Teknik newspaper, referring to Saab Autombile’s owner, General Motors.

GM’s boss for Europe, Carl-Peter Forster, said in an interview with the TT news agency during the auto show that plans for Trollhättan are up for discussion with the Swedish government.

Trollhättan, where Saab’s automobile business began more than 50 years ago, is home to the company’s headquarters as well as its main manufacturing centre.

Forster wouldn’t comment directly, however, on whether the new 9-5 would be built in Sweden but said it was an option under consideration.

Keeping the manufacturing of the new Saab 9-5 in Sweden would make it easier for the government to give support to the manufacturing of production tools for the car, according to Ny Teknik.

Moreover, the conditions of the support package for Saab which the company is now discussing with the government and GM state that the new 9-5 should be built in Sweden.