‘Serial’ drink driver caught again

A man from Borås in western Sweden who has 149 convictions for drink and unlawful driving has been stopped again. This time for driving under the influence of drugs and unlawful driving.

The man was released by police after having failed a test which confirmed suspicions, as the offences are not sufficient to place him in custody.

“It feels incredibly frustrating, almost hopeless,” said a Borås police officer to local newspaper Borås Tidning.

“There are times when I think he will only stop when he kills himself or someone else,” the officer said.

The 42-year-old man is well known to police in the Borås area.

Not least since an occasion last November when a road-side police patrol tried to stop him. The man slowed down as if to stop and then accelerated, forcing the police officer to dive to the side to avoid being run over.

Prosecutors have attempted to get the man remanded into custody but the offences of drink, drugs or unlawful driving are not sufficient under Swedish law.

A charge of attempted aggravated assault in connection with the November incident was neither sufficient to detain the man.

Confiscating the man’s vehicle have not been effective either as the man simply borrows or buys other cars.