Poll: ‘Most popular government since 2003’

Poll: 'Most popular government since 2003'
The Swedish government continues to gain popularity among voters. The right of centre Alliance coalition government is now the most popular government since 2003 according to a new poll from Skop.

Of the 1,000 people canvassed, 55 percent expressed the view that the government, which came to power in 2006, is doing a good job. This represents an increase of four percentage points since the previous Skop poll in November.

The Social Democrats meanwhile continue to lose voter confidence with a two point drop to 34 percent expressing the belief that they would do a good job.

“Not since the right of centre government gained power has it been so popular as it is at the end of 2008,” said Skop’s analysts Örjan Hultåker in a press release.

Hultåker explained that it is the government’s management of the financial crisis which has made it the most popular Swedish government since October 2003.

Skop interviewed 1,000 people between the 11th-30th December.