Health authorities won’t hire med student with rape conviction

A medical student in Lund convicted for raping a minor will not be able to gain employment within the Swedish healthcare sector without prior approval, the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) has ruled.

Although the man will be able to continue his medical studies in the classroom, he will not be allowed to work or complete his practical experience without the prior approval of the health board.

The health board has communicated its decision on Monday to all health authorities across Sweden with the instruction that they can not employ the man.

A similar fate awaits another student offered a place to study medicine at Uppsala University who has a prior conviction for murder. The man had previously been expelled by Karolinska University Hospital.

“The crimes that these people are guilty of are of a nature that can erode the trust which the public has a right to feel for a doctor,” writes Johan Carlsson in a health board press release on Monday.

The door to a job as a nurse or doctor is not automatically closed for those previously convicted of serious offences.

All individuals are considered on their own merits, Johan Carlson explained in the press release. If a person has developed in the years after committing the offence then it can be considered to be mitigating circumstances. The nature of the offence committed is also a factor under consideration.

But in the case of murder the message is clear:

“There is absolutely no circumstances in which the welfare board would approve that the party concerned could be employed within the healthcare sector in the future. This door is closed,” writes Johan Carlsson.