Threesome assault pastor defrocked

A pastor convicted of assaulting his ex-wife following sex games involving another man has been relieved of his duties by his employer, the Church of Sweden.

The man’s ex-wife, who is also a pastor, has also received a written warning – the mildest form of disciplinary measure in the church’s arsenal. A warning may be issued to employees guilty of one-off transgressions or for engaging in actions that may constitute an “unacceptable lifestyle” in the eyes of the church.

The church’s internal investigation revealed that the couple, “in conjunction with alcohol consumption, entered into so-called threesome intercourse involving themselves and another person with whom they were previously unacquainted.”

In a statement, the church explained that the pastor’s assault conviction meant he had “damaged the reputation a priest should have”.

The Church of Sweden pastor, his wife, and another man assembled in June for a meal and drinks. After the meal, the three then moved to the sauna, at which point they began to engage in a series of sex games.

According to court documents, the pastor became enraged when his wife began erasing pictures of the threesome’s deeds which had been taken using a mobile telephone camera.

The minister then attacked his wife by slamming her head into a wall and putting his hands around her throat.

“I am sorry about what happened with these two priests and hope the professional help they receive will be important to them in terms of their identity and Christian faith,” said Bishop Caroline Krook in a statement.