Government closes in on opposition: poll

Government closes in on opposition: poll
Sweden's governing coalition is continuing its comeback in the opinion polls, with the Left and Green parties both losing ground, according to a new Sifo survey.

The gap between the blocks has fallen to 5.7 percentage points in Sifo’s January poll.

The four-party governing Alliance enjoys the combined support of 44.3 percent of the electorate, while the three parliamentary opposition parties have the backing of 50 percent of voters.

The nationalist Sweden Democrats remain above the four percent necessary to secure parliamentary representation despite suffering a slight setback in the most recent poll.

Sifo interviewed 1,900 voters between January 12th and 22nd. All of the changes recorded are statistically significant.

Sifo’s January poll (fluctuations since December in parentheses)

Moderate Party: 27.3 percent (+0.1)

Centre Party: 5.9 percent (+0.4)

Liberal Party: 6.7 percent (-0.4)

Christian Democrats: 4.4 percent (+0.4)

Social Democrats: 37.7 percent (+0.6)

Green Party: 6.6 percent (-0.8)

Left Party: 5.7 percent (-0.8)

Sweden Democrats: 4.3 percent (-0.2)

Others: 1.5 percent (+0.7)