Conservative group apologizes to Pope over Holocaust remarks

Conservative group apologizes to Pope over Holocaust remarks
Remarks questioning the facts of the Holocaust made by a member of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) and broadcast on Swedish television have prompted the group to apologize to the Pope.

According to a statement from the Vatican released on Tuesday, SSPX has apologized to Pope Benedict XVI for statements made by British SSPX bishop Richard Williamson during an interview given to Swedish investigative news programme Uppdrag Granskning which aired on Sveriges Television (SVT) last week.

SSPX’s current leader, bishop Bernard Fellay said that Williamson has been reprimanded for the remarks and been ordered not to speak out about politics or historical events in the future.

The conservative group drew attention last week following the SVT report that SSPX welcomes right-wing extremists and Holocaust deniers and that the Church of Sweden had allowed the group to use its facilities.

During the programme, Williamson openly denied the Holocaust, which he has also done on previous occasions.

His statements have been sharply criticized by Jews who claim that he has wiped out nearly 50 years of a dialogue between the Jewish community and Catholics.