Nordea sold thongs and lingerie

The head office of Sweden's state-owned bank Nordea got its knickers in a twist this week on discovering that the website of its Polish subsidiary was selling thongs and see-through lingerie.

On discovering it was playing host to an online sexy underwear outlet, Stockholm HQ immediately ordered its Polish unit to shut up shop.

“Customers could become upset when there are scantily clad models involved, as was the case here,” Nordea spokeswoman Helena Östman told newspaper Expressen.

The order to remove the thongs and lingerie from Nordea’s online store came as soon as the matter was brought to the attention of head office, since the goods on sale were “not suitable for a Nordea site”, said Östman.

A wide range of other goods, including motorbike tyres, perfume, golfing equipment and footwear, remain on sale at the Polish site of the bank in which the Swedish government is the largest shareholder.